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Our Philosophy

First and foremost, Welcome! You’re in good hands. Here at JM Pro Creative we take pride in our work, for the business is at its core, built around a strong heart felt passion, for the art and creative science behind premium video production. Our aim is in crafting the most compelling visuals to ultimately tell your story, reach your audience, and grow your brand as a whole.

Utilizing the latest in industry standard, production and post-production tools and technology; Experts from all areas of the production field come together in unity to share in their passion for what they do, to deliver a final piece that is nothing short of fulfilling.

We like to take a more cinematic stylistic approach in creating high quality content for all of our clients. You can see from our portfolio we strive to produce results that share a common standard in quality and excellence.

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How It Works:

1 There are a few different phases of a video production to bring us from start to finish. First things first, head on over to the inquire page to get started in telling us a little about your brand and the video or project you have in mind. From there we’ll contact you back as soon as humanly possible, most of the time this is within 24 hours!

2 After filling out the form on the inquire page, we’ll have just a few more questions to ask you that will allow us to get to know your brand and project better, to decide on the next best course of action. Depending on the size of the project, this initial consult can be done by email, phone, or in person. From this point, we can begin working on a concept for your video called a ‘video treatment’.

Essentially, a treatment is a document that aims to formally define the concept, narrative, creative vision, and/or stylistic approach for a video or film. These treatments can range from a single page, to a longer and more in depth document. In some cases where we already know or have defined what is to be created, we can use this as a treatment.

3 After a treatment is in place establishing what is to be produced, we now have a basis for calculating what the requirements and scope of the project is. From here, we can enter the pre-production phase. In the pre-production phase we can handle tackling the arrangements for production, and settle the logistics and planning to bring our video to life in the production phase.

After the magic of the production phase where everything is recorded, and “in the can” as they’d say, comes the assembly and revisions process in the post-production phase. This is where captured media is moulded and formed into its full potential. Then in the last phase, the video is mastered and exported from the timeline at the highest technical quality possible, then formatted to be delivered into its preferred digital or physical medium.

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The idea process! We consult with you to fully understand your goals, needs, and wants to develop a solution that fits. The brainstorming then begins to ultimately draft the perfect video treatment that is built to execute.


The planning process! Locations, crew, shot lists, equipment planning, scheduling, scouting, casting, and the list goes on! With a pro video comes a great amount of planning to bring the production to life.


The creating process! Lights, camera, sound, action! Now is the big moment, where all the planning comes together to manifest the vision and bring everything to life, by skill, expertise and passion!


The assembly process! Where all the captured media is sliced, diced, and moulded in unity, then polished up with colour grading, stylization, sound design, effects and graphics, into a final masterpiece.


The packaging process! The final piece is rendered and formatted to your digital and/or physical mediums of choice, delivered to you on our high speed servers, and ready for its wold premiere debut!

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Increase Sales, Conversion, and Leads

It’s no secret that video is the most consumed media online. It’s been proven by a handful of online retailers that consumers visiting online sales, product, or service pages are 85% more likely to buy than those who do not. Online video is booming, according to a recent study done by Cisco about the impact of visual networking applications, an expected 70% of all online consumer traffic will be video in 2017, up from 56% in 2012. Video has become an essential role in the success of any brand, and is by far the quickest, most efficient and most powerful way to communicate your message or idea.

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Create or Strengthen Brand Identity

Having a video produced is one of the leading ways as a brand, product, service, business, to define your image to the world. A strong identity or persona, will help build trust and confidence in potential buyers and consumers. We’ll help you craft that unique look or style and have it shine through to your audience through the powers of digital media.

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Generate Momentum, Movement and Growth

Create that buzz you’ve been looking for. A ‘video release’ triggers lots of momentum in unforeseen ways. Movement for your brand will develop through the power of momentum. This translates too more views, more comments, more likes, and more fans. Most importantly, you’re reaching more like minded people with an interest in what your offering, deeper engaging conversations, connections and opportunities follow.

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A Video That Lasts A Lifetime

The final production itself is the perfect memento to remember the experience of a lifetime. In todays digital age, your cherished final piece will last forever, watch it tomorrow, watch it in 10 years. A good ad or video moment is timeless. The essence of good video production is creating piece of history, a piece of art.

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Easily Create Tons of Additional Content

Visualize your video production experience, think about the endless opportunities to easily and instantly create additional photo/video and promo content right from your smart phone. Capture the moments while in the midst of creating that one big moment until your video release. Easily create additional content right to your website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, tumblr, and all your other social media feeds.

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...incredibly reliable, fast, easy to work with

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with JM Pro Creative on multiple video projects. I found them incredibly reliable, fast, easy to work with and always exceeded expectations with his attention to detail. I will continue to recommend their services to my friends and colleagues.”

– Jay Cleary,
Founder & Operator of the Toronto NuJazz Festival

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...hard to find this kind of creativity and passion

“From start to finish, my experience with JM PRO Creative was wonderful. You have certainly set the benchmark in terms of dedication and hard work. Finding this kind of creativity and passion when it comes to video production is not easy and I would have no hesitation recommending your services to others.”

– Neetu Dhanju
– Artist

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...The talent possessed is pure Hollywood material

“JM Pro Creative is just unbelievable. The talent that’s possessed is pure Hollywood material. Julian’s really easy to work with, dependable, and really knows/understands his field. My hat’s off to him. Julian, you and your crew ROCKS!”

– Jack: Magical Arts Specialist
– Entertainer

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...Always one step ahead and on top of things.

“One word I can say when it comes to JM Pro Creative is thorough. Always one step ahead and on top of things. Love working with them. Wow, JM Pro Creative, you have completely outdone yourself! What an amazing video. High definition suits us well.”

– Johnny Righteous & Mike Shapinko
– The Responsables

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...Focused with a phenomenal work ethic.

“JM Pro Creative is focused with a phenomenal work ethic. Regardless of the type of video you are looking for, the dedication and commit to their art is inspiring and contagious..”

– Kami & Casey MQ, Unbuttoned
– Musicians

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...Thoroughly impressed, a video I am truly proud of.

“I was extremely happy and thoroughly impressed by the work that JM Pro Creative did with our live off the floor music video shoot. The artistic vision and creative understanding allowed us to pair our musical product with quality videography resulting in a package I am truly proud of.”

– Joshua JLatte Lopez
– Musician

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...delivered exactly what I was looking for

“The professionalism and personalized service that I got from JM Pro Creative was fantastic and he made me feel so comfortable. He listened to what I wanted, provided valuable suggestions and delivered exactly what I was looking for. You can put your trust in JM Pro Creative, without reservation, to help you achieve your vision.”

– Amanda ‘KAMiiO’ Belle
– Musician

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...We're absolutely thrilled with the results.

“JM Pro Creative did an impeccable job bringing the song we wrote in honour of our scandal-ridden mayor to life!. From the angles to the editing to the treatment, we’re absolutely thrilled with the results. We hope to have the opportunity to collaborate again ASAP.”

– The Pigott Brothers
– Singer Songwriter Duo

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...Not just a video recording, it was a great experience

“JM Pro Creative cares as much about my craft as I do and it really shows in the final product of the video. It was not just a video recording, it was a great experience.”

– Harrison Caldeira
– Musician

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...the best investment we have made so far

“JM Pro creative is the best investment we have made so far, When the big night came, they professionally captured the music and after the creative editing, the video results were more than we ever expected. We now share our youtube link with pride, no more shaky iphone videos for us.”

– Jamie, Colin and Mira Meikle
Solo Artist

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...create the flawless piece you are looking for.

“If you want your production to come to life, JM Pro Creative is your choice. He will work with your vision to create the professional, unique, personalized, and flawless piece you are looking for.”

– Marco Graziano
Solo Artist

Visit Project of the most reliable people I've worked with.

“Amazing photoshoot, thank you JM Pro Creative, you’re one of the most reliable people I’ve worked with”

– Jenn Fiorentino
Solo Artist

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...Making guests and models very comfortable

“JM Pro Creative was extremely fun to work with, making the guests and models very comfortable by clear direction and professionalism. The editing of final piece exceeded my expectations with unique and cool graphic editing, and overlapping techniques….”

– Adam Bains Owner

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