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FAQ – Stock Footage Guide

Questions and answers about our product: The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Stockfootage

What is Stock Footage?

Stock Footage, also referenced as “Royalty Free Stock Footage” or Microstock Footage is professionally shot video clips, each clip usually ranging from 5 – 30 seconds in length.

The stock footage agencies would define stock footage as the following: “Stock video clips are video clips of common landmarks, people, and events that can be used and re-used for a variety of commercial and editorial purposes.

How does Stock Footage exist?

Stockfootage exists because there is a HUGE market for it. Professional video productions will often look to buy royalty-free stockfootage to use in their video productions.

A market exists for stockfootage because it is signifigantly cheaper to buy a royalty free stockfootage clip than to pay for it to be produced, not to mention the time it takes to produce such needed clips.

For example, if a potential buyer working on a documentary needed a clip of a beach, a snow storm, and a desert, it is much more cost-effective and time-effective to buy these clips for useage rather than to have them produced.

More on how and why stock footage exists in Chapter 1 of our guide.

The first section of the guide is available for free in the getting started guide – Access it here: “The Free Guide To Making Money With Stock Footage”

What does the term Royalty-Free mean?

The term Royalty-Free (by definition of the stock footage agencies) means the customer pays a one time purchase fee to license that clip for use in their video production.

The reason we say Royalty-Free is because the customer who has purchased the license to use the clip in their production, is not paying royalties for every time the clip will be seen or used in their video production.

What is a Microstock Submitter?

A Microstock Submitter is one who creates or produces microstock media (footage, photos, music, graphics, etc.) and submits it to the microstock agencies to be bought and sold.

How do I get paid?

Everything is handled through the microstock agencies, they are the ones who do essentially everything for you after you have submitted your footage. Every time you make a sale you will be notified and these sales will show in your online account at the microstock agencies. You can choose to be payed in a variety of different methods including paypal and cheque. Please refer to the submitter FAQ’s at the microstock agencies for indepth answers to their policies.

What is The Ultimate Guide To Making Money with Stock Footage?

The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Stockfootage is an interactive resource guide for those looking to make money by becoming ‘microstock submitters’. The guide features advice, how-to’s, special tips and techniques, step by step video tutorials, and tested and used workflows for going from production to post-production. Our product aims to share all the secrets of making money and becoming a successuful stock footage submitter for those who are not only looking to become a stockfootage submitter, but also be a useful resource for those who are already involved and a part of the stockfootage community.

You can read in more detail the what it is, who it’s for, and why you should join on the front page.

What do I get when I join/buy?

When you buy “The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Stockfootage” you get a digital interactive PDF file (or you can order a physical copy). The interactive guide will take you through the entire process of making money by becoming a stockfootage submitter, step by step, through 4 different sections plus a bonus section which includes the entire video tutorials set, plus the master resources list at the end of the book, which includes:

+ The top photo and video production resources
+ The best microstock resources and websites
+ Microstock tools, syndicators, and software
+ Recommended books and guides on microstock

What and Where are the video tutorials?

The video tutorials include step by step instructions for all the “technical” parts. Once you have shot your stock footage clips we make it easy to follow along step by step with our video tutorials guiding you how to get the videos out of the camera and uploaded to the stock footage agencies in the proper formats. The video tutorials are viewable via the private url links contented in the guide.

What is your refund policy?

Our guarantee is that the guide will pay for itself or your money back. In order to qualify for a refund, you will have had to follow and use the workflow and instructions as set out by the guide. In specific, you must meet the requirements set out below in order to qualify:

(1) You must have signed up for both of your accounts to sell stock footage at Pond5 & Shutterstock Microstock Agencies, and must use the links provided in Section 1 of the guide to do so.

(2) You must have a minimum gallery size of 300 clips online and for sale at both Shutterstock & Pond5 Microstock Agencies.

(3) Offer is valid for one year from the date of purchase.

My question is not listed here, Where can I ask it?

If you are considering buying The Ultimate Guide to Making Money with Stock Footage, but have a question or two before you buy please don’t hesitate to ask! We are more than willing to assist you in the decision to purchase our guide. You can send us your questions and inquires by visiting: You should expect a response within 24 hours.