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Shooting and selling stock footage is one of the many hobbies that can make money. The Ultimate Guide For Making Money with Stock Footage is a resource guide for making money online, by shooting high quality 'video clips', also known as Stock Footage. The Stock Footage & Microstock Media Industry is a thriving vessel of media that is licensed for usage in various media productions. 

Think of it like uploading short videos to youtube, however these videos are not for entertainment, they are for purchase to be licensed, for use in various video productions. So in essence you are shooting video footage to be bought by others for them to use 'royalty free' in their video productions. The microstock industry is an ever thriving and growing place for buyers (people looking to purchase video footage for use in thier professional video productions) and sellers (those submitting and selling video footage and making money on each clip purchased).

Our product will teach you the in's and out's of the Royalty Free Microstock footage world and how to be successful at it. Featuring advice, how-to's, special tips and techniques, step by step video tutorials, and tested and used workflows. We will have you turning your hobby of video into an extra way to earn money, all on your own time and terms.