Neetu Dhanju – Dark Black Sheets

Official Music Video

Neetu Dhanju – Dark Black Sheets

With the last sucess of her cover music video “The Monster” Neetu’s back at it again. This time with an original song that she wrote and has been working on for quite some time now titled “Dark Black Sheets”. Directed By: Julian Meli. Her description of the video is as follows:

“When it comes to songwriting, you can draw inspiration from just about anywhere: a line in a song, a phone call with a friend, an argument you had earlier, or as is the case with this song…a scene from one of your favourite TV shows, “Scandal”. I was watching an episode (which I reference briefly at the beginning of the song) that really spoke to me and got me thinking about situations some of us might find ourselves in where your brain tells you to do one thing and your heart tells you to do another and you simply can’t reconcile between the two (something I’m sure at least one or two of you can relate to!). It’s about stubborn impulsivity, and wanting to protect yourself from what it is that you think you might want. I hope after listening to it, you can relate to the song in your own way!

Enjoy…and as always, thank you so much for the support!

Neetu :)”

You can read a review of the video as it’s been featured on Canadian urban music blog ‘Canadian Dope’.

Watch on youtube here:

Project Specifications
CLIENT: Neetu Dhanju
Production Type
TYPE: Music Video
DIRECTOR: Julian Meli
Release Date
RELEASED: Feb. 21st, 2014
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

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