The Making Of Oridnary Days: Studio Sessions

Behind The Scenes

The Making Of Oridnary Days: Studio Sessions

JM Pro Creative is proud to present Marco Graziano’s first debut single ‘Ordinary Days’. Not only is the final song available for free download below! BUT, the video above is something really special!

We give you a rare, in depth look into the 6 day studio recording process! Laying down each instrument starting from the acoustic guitar, to tracking drums, to laying the bass, to keys, electric guitars, and finally vocals. All of these studio sessions which spanned almost a week (not including mixing time) has been produced into a 10 minute, exclusive, behind the scenes look into the song being built from scratch.

Marco Graziano – Writer, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Miles Gibbons – Drums & Percussion
Casey MQ – Piano
Ben Foran – Electric Guitar

Our good friend Casey Manierka a.k.a Casey MQ has done a wonderful job recording, producing and mixing the track. He also played keys on the track and has an unbelievably talented band of his own called Unbuttoned, a four-piece electro pop, soul and R’n’B fusion act they’ve been played all around the city and have been featured in many notable blogs and news articles. They are making huge waves in the Toronto and GTA music scene and even Japan! Check them out!

Download The Ordinary Days Single Here

Project  Specifications
CLIENT: Marco Graziano
Production Type
TYPE: Mini-Documentary
DIRECTOR: Julian Meli
Release Date
LOCATION: Level Me Studios, Brampton

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