A peak behind the curtain...


A Brief Summary…

JM Pro Creative is a small production company where creative ideas are manifested. Servicing Toronto and the GTA. We’ve worked with established business’, brands, start-ups, talented artists, musicians, and individuals to create compelling media content and promotional work. We strive for excellence in pairing stunning visuals with stellar sound, to create media that induces emotion, and enhances perspective, and delivers a message.


The Man Behind The Magic

A Video Mastermind.

JM Pro Creative resides as the proud home of Director/Cinematographer and videomaker Julian Meli.

Fascinated by cameras and anything with a record button from a very young age, Julian has come to excel with the technical and creative skills involved in the recording arts; with an emphasis on capturing stunning visuals and pairing them with great sounding audio.

With a keen eye for design, Julian has crafted a unique cinematic visual style that looks sharp, sleek and professional. Bringing a high end look to any kind of video, through a passion and understanding for the technical side of recording formats, camera movements, lenses, lighting, and shot composition.

These skill sets provide the base ingredients for great video production. Combine this with a great story, idea, product, service, song or message and we’re able to work together to produce a beautifully crafted video for the world to see.

Utilizing the powers of technology and a respect for the benefits of organization and planning logistics; Julian works with you through the phases of production to carefully craft your idea, message, and identity, into a fully fledged digital media production.

With years of experience working with clients from all walks of life, large corporations to independent artists, making videos to fulfill the needs of clients is efficiently executed through expertise.


Production In Action.

Productions often vary in size and detail depending on the requirements and budget of a given shoot. Whatever the case may be, the proper team is assembled and everyone comes together in unity for the greater goal of getting the shot! Here’s some behind the scenes production photos from a handful of various JM Pro Creative shoots, ranging from corporate to music videos!