5 After 4: Jazz Fusion Pro’s

Band Promo & Concert Short

5 After 4: Jazz Fusion Pro’s

5 After 4, Toronto’s own contemporary jazz fusion combo, led by renowned drummer and composer Vito Rezza. The band has been around for decades, producing records rich with complex rhythms, solos and overall enchanting compositions, featuring many talented artists on their records throughout the years. JM Pro Creative is proud to present a concert short, with the members of the band speaking on what 5 After 4 is all about, along with some powerful live footage of them playing together at The Phoenix, in Toronto’s East End, showcasing their talent and virtuosity for their instruments.

For more information on 5 After 4, get in contact with Vito Rezza, by visiting his website: http://vitorezza.com

Project Specifications
CLIENT: 5 After 4
Production Type
TYPE: Concert Short
DIRECTOR: Julian Meli
Release Date
RELEASED: October 10th, 2013
LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario

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